To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing you today about Justin Jones. It is my pleasure to recommend such a highly capable young man.

Justin is a naturally gifted cinematographer and camera operator. I’ve seen several of his filmed productions and was struck by Justin’s creative way of storytelling, shot composition and especially editing. He’s got a natural gift for the medium.

His films are fun, fast moving, well shot, terrifically edited and filled with delightful no-fill FX. I enjoyed them all.

I have personal produced over 500 hours of network television, and I simply can’t recommend Justin enough for any editoral position. His sense of pacing, storytelling and visual arrangment of shots is wonderful. He’s affable, warn, resourceful, hard working and self-motivated. Any employer would be exceptionally lucky to have him on their staff.


Reed Steiner

Co-Executive Producer “NCIS”