September 12, 2012
To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Justin Jones, whom I first came to know as a
remarkable resource in the field of computer technology, and as an outstanding young man.
As a screenwriter in Hollywood, research is a critical part of my business, requiring discussions with a
wide range of professional experts, from politicians and military generals, to computer analysts,
nuclear scientists and neurosurgeons. I now include Justin Jones as someone I would not hesitate to
recommend highly to any of my colleagues seeking expert and reliable computer technology support
or research.

However, I was even more impressed when I subsequently encountered Justin’s work in Video
Production, through several projects over the past six years. The quality of his skills, especially as a
cinematographer and editor, revealed a refreshing natural talent and a highly professional work ethic
that produces consistently satisfying product.

I have degrees in film directing and writing from two of the top film schools in the country, yet my view
is that nothing compares to natural talent, and nothing develops talent as much as real world
experience. Without question, Justin Jones is a naturally gifted cinematographer and editor, and his
decade of real world experience has refined that talent into a valuable marketplace commodity. He is a
self-starter, highly motivated and truly a pleasure to work with. Quite simply, he delivers the goods.
Whether it is shooting and editing a fictional independent narrative film, or crafting a promotional video
for doctors and other professionals, each individual who calls on Justin’s services gets the most
diligent and devoted craftsman they could hope for, and a product tailor made for their needs.
Justin Jones is one of the hardest working and most reliable young men I have come to know, in this
or any field. I believe any company would be enriched by having this young man on its video
production staff, and as a part of its resource pool.

James O’Hara