September 3, 2013
To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Justin Jones
Watermoore Imagery

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Justin Jones. He filmed several
informational video segments of our staff physicians as well as portrait photography
of the management team of California Eye Professionals. It was a pleasure to work
with Justin. He exhibited a high standard of professionalism and talent of his craft.
He worked well with the Doctors, who were a bit intimidated at speaking in front of a
camera. He brought a sense of confidence, assurance and ease to them.
We look forward to working with him again as we add new staff. He was very
accommodating to our ever-changing schedule. Not only did he work well with our
staff, but his video editing and material transfer to I Port Media was not only timely
but impressive.

I highly recommend Justin Jones’ professional multi-media proficiency.

Diane Marshall
Office Manager